It's my favorite time of year, Halloween!!

      So I don't know what it is about Halloween but I think it is the best time of year, whether it's the pumpkin carving, or the fun costumes, or the just all together creepy feeling you get when your out late at night and you feel that cold chill touch your face.I'm so excited it's my little boy's very first Halloween and we got him just the cutest vampire costume! 

    I'm a stay at home mommy and I absolutely love my little boy Emmitt - not to be confused with the vampire off of Twilight, which by the way is a horrible series and is a disgrasce to all literary work everywhere.- But anyway, I have a great idea for a halloween quilt but my husband wont let me start a new one until I finish the baby blanket I'm making for Emmitt, which I'm almost done with I just have to unpick a few things that I messed up on then put the binding on it. It was so weird to use my sewing machine to do the stippling on my quilt, I've only every used one of those industrial quilting machines, but I think I did a good job except for the few big puckers I have in the back, but I'm in the process of fixing them so maybe I can get my Halloween quilt done before the season is over.

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